Vietnam Mall resumes operations after 3-month lockdown



Ho Chi Minh City, October 1 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – October 1, 2021): Ho Chi Minh City on Friday lifted a stay-at-home order that had kept its nine million residents indoors for three months and devastated business in Vietnam. economic pole.

To curb a wave of rapidly spreading Covid-19 – which hit the southern metropolis particularly hard – residents were unable to leave their homes, even for food, and almost all travel indoors and out. outside the area were suspended.

Almost half of Vietnam’s 790,000 cases of the virus have been reported in the city, along with three-quarters of the country’s deaths.

But after a gradual decline in cases, soldiers began dismantling road barriers and removing hundreds of checkpoints that separated neighborhoods from the city on Friday.

“I’m happy,” said Tran Van Vu, who owns a store selling fruits, vegetables and meat and had planned to expand his business before the pandemic.

“During the lockdown, our company was very affected … we did not have enough delivery people because they had to be tested every two days and it was costly for the company.” The roads were occupied for the first time in months after most businesses were given the green light to reopen and those vaccinated were allowed to move freely around the city.

Although authorities maintained the ban on travel to other provinces, thousands of families traveling on motorcycles gathered at a checkpoint outside the city, hoping to return to their hometown.

Vietnam was once considered a model for virus containment, but the country has struggled to stop the spread of a fourth wave of infection that started in April in industrial parks in the north and quickly moved to South.

More than a third of Vietnam’s 100 million people have been ordered door-to-door this summer, bringing the country’s important manufacturing industry to its knees and shattering supply chains.

Its economy suffered its largest contraction on record in the third quarter, officials said on Wednesday.

Factories in industrial parks and freight transport services are among the businesses allowed to open, authorities said.

Less than 10 percent of Vietnamese are fully vaccinated, but Ho Chi Minh City has been given the highest number of vaccines with nearly all adults in the city vaccinated.



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