Upcoming advanced medical cyclotron unit in Odisha


In a step towards quality cancer care in Odisha, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has endorsed the proposal to establish a state-of-the-art medical cyclotron unit at the Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital located on the Odisha campus. National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER). in Jatni. According to the announcement, the Odisha state government would fund up to Rs 150 crore for the purpose of setting up the unit. Its addition would position Odisha as a center for advanced medical cyclotron research and applications in the entire Southeast Asian region.

In a press release, Odisha’s Health and Family Welfare Secretary, Shalini Pandit, said: “The medical cyclotron unit will produce the radioactive isotopes needed for critical imaging procedures such as computed tomography. Positron Emission (PET) for the treatment of cancers and other critical conditions. Currently, Odisha gets the isotopes daily from Hyderabad, Mumbai or Kolkata and the isotopes only remain effective for a few hours.” The statement further indicates that the transport time of isotopes from these states maintains its scope limited to only a few centers.

The proposed state-of-the-art medical cyclotron facility would be unique in the entire Southeast Asian region. It would be “operated by NISER in close collaboration with Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, Variable Energy Cyclotron Center, Kolkata, Board of Radiation and Isotope Technology, and Department of Atomic Energy and Atomic Energy Regulatory Board,” she added. The results of this world-class facility would include the production of medically useful radioisotopes. “The unit will facilitate the development of skills in the field of applied sciences and the training of undergraduate and postgraduate students,” the statement added.

The unit would also function as a regional center for research and development for Southeast Asia in the field of nuclear medicine and would operate as part of a national center for research and development in the fields of basic sciences . (ANI)

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