Undecided about your major? Then this university is for you


More time for self-discovery

In order to give students like Mr. Pasha more flexibility in their studies at PolyU, the university is revising several aspects of its curriculum.

Recognizing the importance of innovation and technology in Industry 4.0, PolyU has incorporated two new elements – Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics and Innovation and Entrepreneurship – as part of its courses of general university requirement, which students must take before obtaining the diploma.

In addition, the university is also implementing a new admission based on the departmental scheme for new entrants.

The admissions process is currently program-based. Under the current system, students apply directly and are admitted to their intended major.

But from the 2022-2023 academic year, students will first apply to one of PolyU’s 11 departments, ranging from the Department of Applied Sciences to Construction and Environment, to Fashion.

After successfully enrolling in a department, they only need to take the common courses of that department in their first academic year. The major selection only takes place in the second year of university.

For example, an applicant accepted into the Department of Computer Science need only choose to major in one of three available majors – Computer Science, Business and Information Systems, or Financial Technology and Artificial Intelligence – at the start of their second year.

The purpose of admission on the basis of the departmental scheme is to give students more time to find out more about their interests and aspirations, in order to allow them to make a more informed choice as to their eventual major selection.


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