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Community college students can more easily earn a bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston-Victoria, thanks to a further expansion of its partnership with Alvin Community College.

On February 17, the institutions updated their partnership agreement to allow ACC students who complete an Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal to transfer those credits to UHV and apply them to a Bachelor of Applied Arts and in sciences in legal assistance and administration.

“This expansion makes the process more transparent for students to transfer credits so they don’t have to worry about which courses they will need to take at UHV and which will transfer,” said Karla DeCuir, senior director of the UHV enrollment and external affairs management, noting that this pathway benefits students pursuing careers in legal and criminal justice.

The partnership already ensured that ACC students who completed an Associate of Applied Science in Process Technology could apply their Associate’s degree credits toward a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science in Petroleum Technology.

For both degree courses, students who have successfully completed their lower division coursework at Alvin Community College can then complete the respective bachelor’s degree program at UHV by completing approximately 1.5 years of additional online coursework.

“UHV is proud to expand its partnership with Alvin Community College to better serve student needs,” said UHV President Bob Glenn. “Opportunities for students to pursue higher education are key to helping them succeed. This partnership is a welcome step in making higher education more convenient and accessible to students.

Students who follow these pathways are able to affordably complete an associate’s and bachelor’s degree and are eligible for scholarships at both institutions, DeCuir said.

The partnership also allows students to have concurrent enrollment, allowing them to use financial aid scholarships and be enrolled at both institutions simultaneously.

“It’s ideal for a lot of students because by the time they finish their associate degrees, they’re usually in a job,” DeCuir said. “They can continue their studies at UHV by taking online courses while working full time. Another benefit is that even before they enroll at UHV, we offer free counseling to Alvin Community College students who want to know if a path to a bachelor’s degree is right for them.

Alvin Community College leaders say the partnership encourages community college students to continue their education.

“I am delighted to fully support our updated agreement with the University of Houston-Victoria,” said Robert Exley, president of Alvin Community College. “UHV is a great institution and our partnership really benefits our students by providing them with a great opportunity to complete their undergraduate studies.”

UHV’s partnership with ACC was formed in October 2019 and is an outgrowth of UHV’s commitment to expanding access to higher education, which is important to those responsible for the statewide education, DeCuir said.

“Texas is striving to become more globally competitive, and one thing it needs to become more competitive is for more of its population to have post-secondary credentials,” he said. she stated.

Currently, less than half the people living in Texas have a degree, she said, so one of the goals of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is to increase that number to 60% by 2030.

Although an associate’s degree is a post-secondary degree, the job market has become more competitive and a bachelor’s degree is often a minimum requirement for a position.

“A partnership like this allows students to expand their career options while increasing their earning potential,” she said.

ACC students who want to learn more about transfer credit for these degree programs and make an appointment with a UHV counselor can visit www.uhv.edu/transfer.


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