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He made the remarks at a recent curriculum workshop

Published: Mon 15 Aug 2022, 20:23

The Ministry of Education (MoE) is keen on the comprehensive evaluation and continuous development of curricula, as well as formulating the best frameworks that support the intellectual, scientific, skills and values ​​development of students, said the Dr. Ahmed bin Abdullah Humaid Belhoul Al Falasi. , Education Minister.

“The Ministry pays particular attention to the need to harmonize the curriculum with future global trends and developments of the times, thus helping to advance the progress of education, and at the same time to intellectually immunize our students, by establishing a behavioral system based on its components on the fundamentals and the authentic values ​​of the society,” said Al Falasi, who made the comments during the recent workshops organized by the MoE on the curriculum in its different stages and the future vision associated.

The workshops focused on early childhood education programs, humanities and language programs, arts and applied science programs, vocational education programs and academies with their different streams, and common academic hours programs.

Al Falasi noted that the Ministry of Education strives to lay the foundation for student empowerment and pay attention to psychological and behavioral aspects, improve student traits and inculcate values ​​and constants. and construct their thinking.


“That’s what requires meticulous work, especially when you’re dealing with an open world. Therefore, it is important to protect students from ideas and habits foreign to our society,” he said.

“The Ministry, through the development and continuous evaluation of the study programs, pays the greatest attention to what is linked to the construction of a generation endowed with its values, customs and traditions which constitute a guarantee of protection against all that is foreign, whether behavior foreign to our societies or destructive ideas.

The Minister added: “The challenges ahead of us are great, especially with regard to the intellectual and moral aspect of the student. The MoE works hard to instill sound and wholesome human and intellectual concepts in our students in a way that enhances family value and prestige, strengthens social bonds and ensures that children enjoy their rights, the most important of which is is to live in a safe environment under the care of their parents.

Al Falasi stressed that positive morals, values ​​and customs, as well as advanced cognitive sciences, are a guarantee for the development of society and the development of its future.

“Today’s students are tomorrow’s fathers and mothers, and they will protect and preserve their families. Through the systematic focus on the value system, work is done directly to protect the family institution so that children grow up in a natural environment based on the main pillar represented in the family, which represents the basic core of society. “, did he declare.

The Minister stressed that the responsibility and role of the country’s education system goes beyond simply providing knowledge and science to students, but extends to protecting the foundations of society, strengthening its ties and protection from any negative influence or destructive idea.


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