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Undoubtedly, a large portion of Indians have a great fondness for tea and prefer to have different variations of it. Whether it’s the famous ‘Red Tea’ of Darjeeling or the ‘Pink/Gulabi Chai Tea’ of Kashmir, the tea can blend into any pattern or format your taste buds desire.

But did you know that tea is much more than just a drink? Yes, tea leaves serve many purposes beyond just being a food that will change your total perception of tea forever and after!

Here are some tea leaf uses you should know about:

Eliminates bad odors:

Even used tea leaves can work wonders in protecting your home from bad odors. Tea leaves possess an excellent odor absorbing quality and can also absorb bad odors by acting as a natural deodorizer.

Sun-dried tea leaves tied in cheesecloth or cheesecloth can act as an absorbent of bad odors. Just add a few drops of your favorite natural oil to the sachet containing the tea leaves and you’re good to go.

An excellent stain remover:

Tea leaves also have an exceptional stain removing property, they can be used to clean utensils, stained sinks and even clean the dirtiest corner of your room. Tea leaves with a light application of lemon juice can be used as a natural alternative to your expensive floor cleaners.

Tea leaves for skin care:

Tea leaves are natural cleansers that can help detoxify your body. Nowadays, tea leaf extract and oil are widely used in cosmetic products such as facial cleansers, masks and creams. Meanwhile, using tea leaves for exfoliation can help remove dead cells and make skin glow.

Using tea leaves as compost and manure:

Tea leaves can also work as excellent compost. The nutritional content and antioxidants they contain can promote plant growth by increasing soil fertility and texture. Replacing conventional fertilizers with tea leaves can help reduce the toxicity of fruit and vegetable plants. Tea leaves are widely used as a fertilizer for roses.

Use of tea leaves to color hair:

Tea leaves contain elements of tannin or tannic acid which helps the hair to get natural shine and soft texture. Using tea water with henna powder can help you achieve natural brown hair. In addition, it promotes hair growth.


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