Thirty years after his death, he studied for the philosopher Gemonat in the only school that bears his name



It’s been 30 years since his death Ludovico Gemonat It is named after him The only Italian school named after the distinguished philosopher and mathematician: It is therefore a double memory that the Tradata Higher Institute will celebrate, Monday, November 29, the anniversary of the death of the brilliant scholar of knowledge, the father of the philosophy of science in Italy. (In the photo, Professor Fabio Menazi)

for this occasion inConference room on Gramsk RoadOne of the most successful students of Geymonat will bring me: Professor Fabio Menazzi Normal Philosophy of Science at the University of Insubria. The professor from the University of Varese, who is certainly one of the most authoritative voices in the Italian academic world, will present the students of the fourth and fifth semesters of Banquet hall of Applied Science The opportunity to get to know better the personality and the thought of the Turin thinker, appointed in 1956 to the first chair of philosophy of sciences of the peninsula at the State University of Milan.

The lesson will be presented by the school principal Adele Olgiati, emphasizing the value of the name of the institute in Geymonat, a name which “does well to summarize two courses that exist in our school: Itis, with its different names, and the Lycée des Sciences Appliqués”. As the principal notes, “The Piedmontese philosopher, who deserves high praise for giving him full citizenship of scientific knowledge in the context of Italian culture, has in fact brought to light the close connection between theory and science. practice, science and technology.

The presence of Professor Menazi will be particularly important: in addition to collaborating with the eminent thinker and editing the edition of many writings of his teacher, and also signing publications dedicated to him, the Professor of Insubria has He donated several works of Geymonat to the Tradate school a few years ago. It is a precious cultural heritage, available to students and teachers of the lycée, which in addition to the lycée has four technical fields: automation, communication, environmental biotechnology and electronics. The path, the last, in which the bot experience is also active.



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