Tapaswini files disappearance complaint at police station after husband goes missing


There appears to be no end to the drama surrounding the Tapaswini-Sumit marital dispute in Berhampur as Lady-Tapaswini Dash filed a disappearance complaint at Aska Police Station on Saturday, alleging that her husband, Dr Sumit Sahu , had fled from Aska’s guesthouse. Sugar mill.

According to reports, Tapaswini filed the missing complaint after Sumit failed to show up, even after 24 hours.

On Friday morning, Sumit left the guesthouse for Balisira Hospital to go to his ward. However, he did not return to the guest house. It is argued in the locality that he applied for a five-day leave and subsequently moved away.

Following the court instruction on December 2, the couple lived in the guesthouse for a week. On December 9, the court again ordered the couple to continue to stay in rented accommodation until they did not reconcile.

Notably, Tapaswini, from Chhatrapur in Ganjam district, embraced the spotlight after staging an 11-day sit-in outside her husband Sumit’s house in Brahmanagar in Berhampur town under a tent. She asked her in-laws to accept her as a daughter-in-law.

Tapaswini had claimed that she married Sumit in court on September 7, 2020. After the wedding, she even lived in Sumit’s house as a wife for six months. But, she was then kicked out of the house on the pretext of their marriage according to Vedic tradition. She was asked to go to her parents’ house and stay there until her marriage to Sumit was not celebrated.


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