Starbucks to open campus in July


Fans of lean hazelnut macchiatos iced with sugar-free syrup, an extra shot, light ice cream, and no whisk can expect a Starbucks store on campus to open in July.

The Starbucks will open in Steeped, located in the Life Sciences Building. It will be owned and operated by Utah State University Dining Services and will feature the full line of Starbucks products, as well as specialty pastries from Dining Services’ in-house bakery. Steeped will be renamed Steeped: Proudly serving Starbucks coffee.

The redesign of Steeped is one of the many changes that USU Dining Services has planned for the next school year.

The introduction of Starbucks to campus is part of the “Core of the Four Projects”, which is revamping four restaurants on campus: Steeped, Quadside Cafe, Luke’s Cafe and Shaw’s 88.

The Quadside Cafe, located in the Merrill-Cazier library, will be renamed The Forum Cafe. Sandwiches from all USU Dining Services locations will be moved to that location’s menu, including breakfast sandwiches. The new menu will also include made-to-order salads. The Forum Cafe will no longer serve espresso drinks, but will continue to offer filter coffee.

Luke’s Cafe in the Agriculture and Applied Science building changes its name to Luke’s Family Cafe on the Quad. An indoor grill will be installed in this restaurant to serve street tacos, cooked right in front of customers. The menu should also include desserts and Hispanic drinks.

The pre-made takeout foods that could be found in the four main locations will all be moved to Shaw’s 88 at Huntsman Hall. Previously known as Aggie Eats, these packaged sandwiches and salads will be renamed to be called Clutch.

These restaurants will reopen by the fall semester.

USU Dining Services is redesigning the top four locations due to the similarities between all of the menus. Alan Andersen, the executive restaurant manager, compared it to having a McDonalds, Wendy’s and Burger King right next to each other.

“I call it stone throwing syndrome,” Andersen said. “I can stand next to any of them to throw a rock and hit the other. It’s so hard for us to be profitable.

Bailey Rigby / Photo Illustration

Cache Valley’s first Starbucks store opened in North Logan in 2006.

Another well-known cafe in Cache Valley is Caffe Ibis, which was started by two USU alumni and opened as Straw Ibis Market and Café in 1976. Caffe Ibis has been serving coffee on campus ever since. a few decades.

Andersen doesn’t expect the Starbucks location to divert business from the Caffe Ibis, as the two locations attract different groups of people.

“The people at Caffe Ibis don’t necessarily like Starbucks coffee, and the people at Starbucks coffee will kind of support Caffe Ibis because they don’t really understand the difference,” said Andersen.

Maren Speckhard is a junior at USU. She usually visits the Caffe Ibis twice a week and has Sally’s hazelnut iced coffee. While she’s delighted that a Starbucks is coming to campus, she said she will continue to have her coffee at Caffe Ibis.

“I just think Caffe Ibis has better coffee and I like supporting the locals,” Speckhard said.


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