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Former President Trump not undertaking a desperate second presidential term, without the illegal aid expected from former Vice President Mike Pence, during the January 6 insurrection, the return to Mar-a-Loco, otherwise known as Mar-a-Lago, contained all the usual personal stuff. Except 15 boxes full of top secret stuff also left the White House in a large van. Apparently the secret stuff wasn’t turned in, so after over a year the feds arrived in Florida to take the boxes and look around.

It seems like a long time to recover important papers that could have fallen into the wrong hands. Why weren’t there a White House inspector or two looking inside the boxes before they left the White House?

I would like to see more intelligence from intelligent public servants. Throwback to the early 1990s on the scene in Waco, Texas where a child sex predator pastor could have been captured while usually running 5 miles in his short shorts. Instead, the communal compound spiraled out of control with the Feds allowing the flames to kill nearly every brainwashed occupant, including the children. Some 40 years later, local and federal authorities let 77 minutes pass before eliminating an 18-year-old maniac with an assault rifle who shot dead two teachers and several 4th graders in Texas.

Many more horrific acts occurred where sane minds could have come to the rescue. We need more real heroes, not just on the big screen. Do together.

Sally Florence



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