Raspberry Pi: 15 accessories elevate Pi from novelty to workaholic


The Royal Academy of Engineering has awarded its prestigious Silver Medal for Dr Eben Upton, co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, in June.

The award recognizes outstanding contributions to British engineering resulting in ‘successful exploitation of the market’. There is no better example of finding and creating a new market than the small single board computer, the Raspberry Pi. You could even say that the Raspberry Pi has started a technological revolution – the proof is in its accessories.

Dozens of companies have sprung up, making support components, add-ons, and accessories for the original Raspberry Pi. Price, affordability, scalability and a thriving supportive community are at the heart of this reason. From video games and robotics control to climbing the upper stratosphere, here are 15 popular accessories that will turn a simple computer into a powerful motor:

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1. Gertboard

Created by Gert Van Loo, a developer on the alpha version of the Raspberry Pi, Gertboard extends the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi like no other product. The key feature is the combination of an ATmega 28-pin microcontroller (one of the following models ATmega 48A / PA, 88A / PA, 168A / PA or 328 / P). The vast scalability of the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is now added to the Raspberry Pi with the addition of the ATmega.


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