Putin says succession talks are destabilizing Russia



Moscow, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – October 14, 2021): Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that talking about his possible successor is “destabilizing” the country’s political system and that he has yet to make any plans for his future.

Speaking in an interview with CNBC, Putin, 69, declined to say whether he plans to stay in the Kremlin after 2024, when his current and second consecutive presidential term will end.

“Talking about this destabilizes the situation,” he told the American television station in the interview broadcast overnight.

“The situation must be secure and stable so that the power structures and state structures work with confidence and look serenely towards the future,” added Mr. Putin.

While noting that he could legally run for president again, Putin, who has been in power as president or prime minister for more than two decades, said he has yet to make a decision.

“I prefer not to answer these questions,” he said. “There is plenty of time until the next election.” Russian authorities last year passed constitutional amendments that allow Putin to remain in power until 2036 and have since unleashed a historic crackdown on the opposition and independent media.

The opposition criticized the constitutional legislation, saying Putin was considering becoming “president for life”.

But some political experts do not rule out that Putin is preparing to resign in the near future and point to the increasing signs of internal struggles among the elites.



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