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March 11, 2022 (MLN): Capital markets saw a limited session on Friday due to political uncertainty and volatility in commodity prices.

In the first trading session of the day, the KSE-100 index flipped between the green zone and the red zone.

However, in the second session of the day, selling pressure was seen as investors preferred to reduce their exposure to the market before the weekend due to the uncertainty of political unrest and an overheated market cycle. commodities amid the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Topline Securities said in a closing note.

As a result, the index ended the day at 43,653.33 after losing a decline of 200.29 points or 0.46%.

The index traded within a range of 369.77 points or 0.84% ​​from the previous close, showing an intraday high of 43,966.28 and a low of 43,596.51.

Of the 91 companies listed in the KSE100 index, 32 closed higher, 57 closed, while 2 remained unchanged. The total volume traded for the index was 61.85 million shares.

At the sector level, the index was disappointed by commercial banks with 43 points, oil and gas exploration companies with 42 points, cement with 40 points, electricity production and distribution with 30 points and companies oil and gas marketing with 20 points.

The highest number of points removed from the index was MEBL which removed the index by 47 points, followed by LUCK with 42 points, HUBC with 29 points, PPL with 20 points and TRG with 20 points.

Sectors supporting the index were technology and communications with 47 points, auto assembly with 12 points, auto parts and accessories with 2 points and miscellaneous with 1 point.

The highest number of points added to the index was SYS with 77 points, followed by UBL with 10 points, MCB with 8 points, INDU with 7 points and MTL with 7 points.

The volume of all shares decreased from 122.61 million to 149.30 million shares. The market capitalization decreased by 36.45 billion rupees.

The total number of companies traded was 332 compared to 356 in the previous session. Of the scripts traded, 110 closed, 205 closed while 17 remained unchanged.

The total number of transactions decreased by 23,621 to 84,337.

The traded value decreased by 2.23 billion to reach 5.27 billion rupees

Company Volume

Top 10 by Volume

TPL properties 12,272,167
Pak Electron(R) 11,907,500
TPL Corp 9,395,500
Unit food 9,041,397
Flying Cement(R) 7,843,500
Worldcall Telecom 6,027,500
Maple Leaf Cement Plant 5,984,252
Telephone card 5,133,877
Ghani Global Holdings 4,585,000
DG Khan Cement Company 3,742,581
Sector Volume

Top sector by volume

Technology & Communication 29,910,166
Cement 26,488,898
Cable and electrical products 14,671,100
Various 13,363,467
Food and personal care products 13,107,457
Chemical 8,076,950
Energy production and distribution 6,278,110
Engineering 5,000 418
commercial banks 4,820,917
Refinery 4,510,853

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