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A modified poultry show will take place this year during the Logan County Fair.

Crystal Jo Bruns, superintendent of the poultry division, announced on Monday that only market poultry would be exhibited.

The decision came after the Colorado Department of Agriculture released guidelines for holding horse, poultry and swine shows. Poultry shows were of particular concern due to an outbreak of avian flu in March. The Logan County Fair Board, on Bruns’ recommendation, deferred any decision on whether to allow a poultry show until after July 1, when the CDA had to decide whether to extend its emergency ban on such shows. When the department instead issued strict protocols for livestock shows, the Logan County Fairground Board conducted an email vote and, again on Bruns’ recommendation, decided to go ahead. with a poultry exhibition.

There are, however, strict guidelines, which were sent out by the CSU Logan County Extension Office. These guidelines include biosecurity measures to protect both poultry and handlers. These measures include mandatory veterinary examination of all incoming poultry and liability waivers for the Logan County Fair. For the Junior Cattle Sale, the exhibitors will be present in the ring, but not the birds. All poultry, once registered, will be confined to the barn which will be closed to the public.

“We understand this is a bummer for poultry farmers (exhibitors), but we wanted to make the experience accessible to as many children as possible,” Bruns said. “We felt it was necessary to have an email vote so we weren’t just giving the kids a day to participate.”

The deadline to participate in the poultry fair is Friday, July 15, but the fair board is not expected to meet officially until Thursday, July 14.

Thursday will be the last board meeting before the fair, and there will be no board meeting in August.


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