Police raided several shops selling banned Chinese manja in Puri



Stepping up their action against the illegal sale of banned Chinese manja, Puri police raided several neighborhood stores on Wednesday. The police decision came after the hanging sons claimed the life of a youngster in Cuttack and left another seriously injured youngster in Puri.

Upon learning of reports that Chinese synthetic ropes were being sold illegally in many places in the district, police teams raided as many as 22 stores.

During the raid, the team seized large packages of these Manja yarns from at least 5 stores (2 in the town police station area, 2 in Kumbharpada area, 1 in the beach area of the sea) where these illegal strands coated with glass powder were said to have been sold.

The police also detained the traders under Article 41 of the CrPC and filed charges against them.

Notably, a newlywed Jayant Samal died after being slaughtered by a forbidden glass-covered kite string when he became entangled around his neck on December 26 in the Pirbazar area of ​​Cuttack while ‘he was going to his in-laws by bicycle. with his wife. That same evening, another person in Puri, Bhanjabihari Patra, was seriously injured by such a kite rope.

Following the incidents, a special campaign was also carried out by the police station in different parts of the town of Cuttack and 14 people were arrested for selling and storing these illegal manja ropes.



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