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The following calls were received Thursday by the Frankfurt Police Department, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, the Frankfort Fire Department and EMS, and the Franklin County Fire Department:

• At 8:21 am, officers wrote an assault report on Mero Street. A caller said he was assaulted by a man.

• At 11:34 am, MPs took a theft report from Graefenburg Christian Church on Louisville Road.

• At 11:37 am, officers were informed of a theft on Schenkel Lane. A caller reported that a battery and other items were stolen. No report was written.

• At 12:20 pm, officers picked up a theft report from Unlimited Cleaning Solutions on East Main Street.

• At 2:29 pm MPs completed a theft report on Ryswick Lane. A caller reported that a light trailer had been stolen and advised that Sherwin-Williams had video footage of the theft.

• At 3:15 pm, officers filed a fraud complaint on Leonardwood Drive.

• At 4:11 pm, officers, city firefighters and EMS responded to a ground fire at Hickory Hills Apartments on Marlowe Court. A caller reported that a homeless person started a campfire outside Building 4. Firefighters extinguished the fire and warned the person not to enter.

• At 6:11 pm, officers completed a burglary report on Collins Lane. A caller reported that someone broke into his home and stole an off-road motorcycle, paint, and a Playstation 4. The caller said his neighbor “saw several people come into his home” during the two weeks while the appellant was in prison.

• At 8:10 pm, officers took a theft report from Blue’s on Schenkel Lane. A caller said she recently ditched her credit card and was used at the gas station for a $ 50 transaction.

• At 9:15 pm, officers completed an assault report on Ridgewood Lane. A caller reported that his son was “punched in the face by two other children”.

• At 9:25 pm MPs were informed of the presence of a drunk driver on Graefenburg Road.

• At 10.51pm, MPs responded to an injury-free motor vehicle accident on Switzer Road.

• At 11:08 pm, officers responded to a report of gunfire in Harrodswood Road.


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