Pigeons with Chinese badge on paws found in Odisha, fuel espionage speculation


Pigeons with rings attached to their legs have been found in several parts of Odisha in recent days, raising suspicions of a Chinese espionage scheme using the unsuspecting bird species.

People are anxious and suspicious of these rare pigeons captured in Puri, Kendrapara and Rajgangpur.

A family from Rajgangpur recently caught one of these pigeons with a ring on its leg. Wary of the winged creature, family members notified local police.

“We found the pigeon a little different because it did not fly away with the other birds. After checking, we found a ring attached to his leg with a Chinese tag. We then informed the police, ”said Sarbeswar Chhotray from the Kansabahal area in Rajgangpur who had caught the pigeon.

However, local police suspect it could be a racing bird.

Another of these pigeons with rings on both legs was captured near Puri-Konark Defense Road. While a serial number was scrawled on one of the rings, the other had a foreign language symbol on it.

Alok Palei of Puri, who suspects the birds could be used by the Chinese to spy, said: “Codes in the form of rings have been attached to the pigeons’ legs. It’s strange. The birds could be Chinese spies.

‘Spy’ pigeons

Meanwhile, retired Odisha Police Officer Nihar Ranjan Biswal (Pigeon Service) said: “If the badges are not accompanied by a letter, camera, electronic device or chip, There’s nothing to be scared of.”

Biswal added that people sometimes affix badges to domestic birds for identification purposes.


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