Pakistan slams India’s disinformation campaign portraying Kashmiri freedom struggle as terrorism


UNITED NATIONS, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – October 21, 2022): A senior Pakistani diplomat has urged the global community to counter and defeat the “disinformation pandemic”, as he lamented India’s systematic campaign to justify its decades-old repression the Kashmiri people are fighting for freedom, describing it as “terrorism”.

“The international community should establish mechanisms through which India’s war of disinformation against Pakistan, the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir and India’s Muslim and other minorities can be exposed and its sponsors held accountable” , Ambassador Munir Akram told the General Assembly’s Third Committee, which deals with social, humanitarian and cultural issues, on Thursday.

“The digital age is in danger of becoming the age of disinformation,” the Pakistani envoy said during a debate on human rights. “The exponential proliferation of misinformation, especially via online platforms and social media, has sown social discord; encouraged hate speech, racism, discrimination, xenophobia, Islamophobia; and exacerbated competing nationalisms as well as tensions and conflicts between states.” Among the most repugnant manifestations of disinformation is the state-sponsored disinformation campaign promoted by the Indian government to serve its strategic and ideological goals, the Pakistani envoy said, adding that such disinformation is used systematically to justify the 70 years of repression of the Kashmiri people and to cover up war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistan, he pointed out, has been the main target of India’s disinformation campaigns for more than three decades.

“Disinformation is also being used by the Hindutva-inspired government of India to mobilize discrimination and oppression of India’s 200 million Muslim minorities,” Ambassador Akram said, referring to the sighting of the International Fact Checker Network that “sectarian communalism” was the biggest trend this year in India. this country in particular disinformation against Muslims, including calls for genocide against them.

Much of India’s misinformation, he said, has come to light through international portals and even fact-checking portals in India.

“We should develop an international action plan to counter disinformation, online and offline, in the public and private domain,” the Pakistani envoy said.

To this end, the Pakistani envoy urged the international community to establish institutional arrangements on the interactions between States, the media and other stakeholders.

He highlighted the importance of digital awareness, stressing the need for uniform rules and regulations for social media companies.

“We should develop, through multi-stakeholder cooperation, uniform rules and regulations and standards for states, social media companies and business enterprises,” the Pakistani envoy said, adding that these should include the principles state and corporate accountability, accountability, transparency, data privacy. and the misuse of data for commercial purposes by technology companies.


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