Over 60 chickens die from alleged loud music in Balasore d’Odisha


More than 60 chickens on a private poultry farm in Kandagaradi village in Balasore are believed to have died from the loud music.

The farm owner filed a complaint with the police alleging that the loud noise created by a local DJ resulted in the deaths of more than 60 chickens.

Chicken farm owner Ranjit Parida has filed a complaint against the DJ organizer for playing loud music at a wedding procession that allegedly caused panic among the chickens and resulted in the deaths of 63 chickens.

“There was a wedding in the village on Sunday evening. During the wedding procession, the music played by the DJ was very loud. At around 11pm, when the procession stopped near my chicken farm, the loud music caused panic among the birds, ”Ranjit said of the incident.

Ranjit further claimed that although he urged the organizers not to play loud music, they ignored his request and continued to play music at high volume.

“Loud music killed 63 chickens on my farm; they died of a heart attack caused by panic, ”said Ranjit.

He reportedly demanded compensation from the organizers, but when they denied, he turned to the police.

“Noise increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in humans. As far as chickens are concerned, the heart attack in them as a result of loud noises is also quick and fatal, ”said Bijaya Kumar Sarangi, a retired animal welfare officer.

He added that the chicken could have died of a heart attack because of the loud music.


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