OHCHS Shows Their Love To Principal Moccia


PARIS – It’s National Principal’s Month and the staff at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School have gone out of their way to make sure Principal Ted Moccia knows where he stands with them. Or maybe, all the places in the school where his face is.

OHCHS secretaries Meagan Marcoux and Deb Ladner, and Virginia Valdes, professor of graphic design at the school of technology, covered the school with the image of Director Moccia.

OHCHS health teacher Kayla McGee shows the school’s appreciation for Principal Ted Moccia.

On Monday morning, Moccia was greeted by a procession of students and staff marching through the halls carrying 1,000 copies of their leader, all affixed to sticks and waved.

Marcoux, who is a relatively new hire at the school, wanted to make sure his boss was aware of how he is appreciated throughout the school, proposed the “Mr. Moccia Celebration on a Stick.” From there, Valdes enlisted student designer Lucy Tardiff to help her design a t-shirt in her honor. The three men had 130 printed shirts for staff to wear for another surprise on Wednesday (photos were not available at press time from the Democratic announcer).

“Sir. Moccia’s wife was extremely helpful in providing us with photos to work with,” Marcoux said. “We chose this particular image because it perfectly illustrates Ted’s character. spoke with VV (Virginia), who came up with the idea of ​​having one of our graphic design students create an illustration of the image. Lucy Tardif did an amazing job and I love the quality of the shirts!

Marcoux worked out the plan over the summer as she worked out the school calendar. She was researching National Bosses Day to honor Moccia on, but found that principals are celebrated with an entire month of recognition. She decided to have a school-wide thank you coincide with the Homecoming festivities taking place this week. Teachers and staff immediately joined us.

“Ted really cares about his staff and his students,” Marcoux said in an emailed statement. “His priority is to have conversations with the students every morning, during class changes, at lunch and after school. He’s the first person students and staff turn to when they need advice, a good laugh, or whatever. He really makes this school an amazing place and the atmosphere there proves it! We are so grateful that he is leading us all!

Meagan Marcoux, left, gives OHCHS principal Ted Moccia his own ‘Mr. Moccia on a stick’ to celebrate National Principals’ Month.

“Meagan joined us at OHCHS in March,” Ladner added. “She wanted to honor Ted…. and Virginia and I got on board to help her. Ted is a very involved manager. He goes out into the hall during transit times to say “hello” to the students. If the students need to talk to someone, they are the first to go to. He always likes to share his card tricks with the students. Ted also tries to access all the games and events that the students participate in.

Ladner highlights the milestone events that Moccia ensured students could experience despite the pandemic.

“I think being able to graduate at a drive-through and ball at the Field of Dreams during a pandemic was a big achievement,” Ladner said. “It was not the usual celebration, but the students were all able to celebrate with their friends and family. Ted led a team of staff and administrators to achieve this.

Happy National Principals’ Month, Mr. Moccia! Your school loves you.

Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School Secretary Meagan Marcoux (left) and graphic design instructor Virginia Valdes model t-shirts celebrating Principal Ted Moccia during Reunion Week and National Principals Month .

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