Odisha’s Special Relief Commissioner pays moving tribute to scribe Daredevil


Odisha’s Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) Pradeep Jena wrote a letter of heartfelt condolence to Odisha’s top disaster reporting scribe, Arindam Das, who lost his life in the line of duty at the time. that he was covering an elephant rescue operation at Mundali Dam in the Mahanadi River in Cuttack on Friday.

Jena is well known as the Odisha Government’s go-to man, spearheading the state’s disaster response and mitigation efforts for years. And it was an established fact in state disaster reporting circles that Arindam would risk anything to report the crisis from scratch. His gusty reporting from Chilika and the Cyclone Fani landing site are still fresh in the memory of viewers across the state.

Jena called Arindam a “daring journalist” who would go out of her way to give his viewers the best and closest view of a news item. A quality journalist, Arindam loved to serve his viewers with nothing less than the best when it came to reporting events, events, issues and challenges so dear to the masses, Jena wrote.

“Arindam, we miss you. I never imagined that Arindam, the representative of electronic media – a quality journalist who enjoys serving his viewers with nothing less than the best when it comes to reporting events and events, issues and issues. challenges so dear to the masses, leave us all, with a lovely little child and a family so early in life, ”he said.

“I watched him grow from a young journalist to a passionate thoroughbred professional and determined to pull together all the little details as they presented themselves to his viewers,” he said.

Describing the character and personality of the late journalist, Jena said, “A lot of us love him for his egoless persona, his kind and cool demeanor, and his professional approach to getting the right information. Its viewers love it for its simplicity and cool presentation style without missing out on the rigor of the news.

Whenever he was absolutely punctual, very brief in his questions and fully participating in Q&A and only asking for relevant clarification where appropriate, Jena wrote plenty of praise for Arindam’s professional approach as a journalist.

“I will miss him a lot. Now that a cyclonic storm has formed in the Bay of Bengal and will hit the east coast somewhere between Gopalpur and Vishakhapatnam, I and my colleagues in the SRC office and media friends who cover the disasters would be seriously missed. , wrote a moved Jena, remembering Arindam.

Brushing aside speculation and guesses about his death, Jena said: “If it was right for him to go on a rescue boat or if it was right for ODRAF staff to take them to the boat which was mainly on a mission to save the elephant from flood waters is another question that we may eventually come to know after an investigation. But the act itself was extremely daring.

“At that point, he and his cameraman never thought they wouldn’t come back. Their only motive was to get the closest and best view for viewers. But fate had another plan. And the accident happened, “he added.


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