Odisha’s dance cop wins hearts, gets ahead of traffic violators


Commuters are impressed with Pratap’s style and unique approach to traffic control. They don’t hesitate to drop by to appreciate and thank him.

No eight hours of a mundane worksheet. But inject the thrill into the working hours to make an Excel sheet. This is how traffic policeman Pratap works in his daily duty schedule.

It is a natural reaction to be aware of the sight of an approaching cop, especially when driving down the road and being pointed out by uniformed personnel. Stricter traffic rules these days have increased the fear of persimmon among offenders. However, this friendly traffic cop from Bhubaneswar will certainly deliver a change with his impressive moves and innovative approach.

At the traffic station it occupies, commuters miss the dancing red, green and yellow signals. Rather, their eyes cast a deep gaze on Pratap’s elegant poses.

Pratap Chandra Khanduala, originally from Kudua village in Kendrapara district, has been working as a home childcare provider for 14 years. He has been assigned to the traffic department for 10 years. No sooner had Pratap joined the service as a traffic policeman than he came up with an unusual and innovative way to control motorists and vehicle traffic.

As he believes, his duty is just not to control traffic and vehicle movement, he also aims to educate the public about traffic by gently urging commuters to obey the rules.

When Odishatv.in met Pratap in the Grand Bazaar Square near Satyanagar, he said: “The traffic rules have been made stricter to ensure the safety of commuters. However, many are defying the rules. During my assignment, I ask people to follow the rules. I find that a lot of people do not use a helmet even though it is mandatory for the passenger to wear the safety equipment. However, the tripling of the trip has decreased, some people continue to break the rules, ”he said.

“Not using a seat belt is a common habit and drivers of government vehicles don’t bother to follow the rules. Even car passengers seated next to the driver hang their legs down. risk of injury to the leg if it collides with another vehicle. I ask everyone to follow the rules whenever I find such offenders. I urge people not to use cell phones while driving as it could be dangerous for them as well as for others, “he added.

Calling Pratap said: “There is someone or the other waiting at the house for you, and they hope you will arrive safely. Don’t deceive them and keep yourself safe by obeying the traffic rules.”

Commuters are impressed with Pratap’s style and unique approach to traffic control. They don’t hesitate to drop by to appreciate and thank him.

“I have seen several cops on duty at different traffic stations in Bhubaneswar. However, this dancing cop is very different from the others. His unique approach to performing his duty with action moves is truly impressive. as I meet the traffic station, he is manning, the wait at the station seems less painful. I appreciate his unique approach and many others as well. I have often seen people stop near him and appreciate his efforts, ”said commuter Rudra Narayan Subudhi.

“He’s pretty sympathetic and his efforts to educate the public about traffic are applauded,” he added.

Pratap lives in a common family in Kendrapara comprising 3 brothers, a sister, a wife and a son. Bubbling with enthusiasm while doing his job, the dancing cop, however, became emotional as he recounted his personal issues.

“My monthly salary is Rs 9000 of which I have to pay Rs 3000 as rent for the house. We have to work throughout the month without any leave. If we take 3-4 days off in a month, Rs 1000 is deducted from the salary. Therefore, I prefer to visit the house once every 5-6 months, “said Pratap in a choked voice.

Previously, Pratap had been honored by the police for his honesty because he had returned a bag containing money (Rs 48,000) to the rightful owner. He also received awards from many police officers for his honesty.

Odisha’s dance cop wins hearts, gets ahead of traffic violators

“The salary for home guards in neighboring Andhra Pradesh is around 20-22,000 rupees, but in Odisha we are paid so much less. Police Commissioner Saumendra Priyadarshi sir had rewarded me 1000 rupees for returning the lost money. Even the former CP Sudhanshu Sarangi sir had rewarded me Rs 2,500. Many foreigners even rewarded me, “said Pratap.

Odisha's dance cop wins hearts, gets ahead of traffic violatorsOdisha’s dance cop wins hearts, gets ahead of traffic violators

Overcoming the stress of life, Pratap enjoys her duty and innovative approach to raising awareness of traffic while doing her duty. He said that although he sometimes suffered from body aches if he stopped his “action movements” for a few days, he had never felt harassed and had moved forward more enthusiastically to control the traffic on his own. way on the busy roads of the capital.


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