Odisha to get 5G service in second phase, says Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw


Odisha will get full-fledged 5G broadband service very soon. In the first phase, 20-25 Indian cities will get 5G connectivity by the end of August-September 2022, IT and Telecommunications Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said on Tuesday on the sidelines of International Yoga Day celebrations in Konark of Pure.

The minister said no city in the state had signed up to get 5G service in the first phase. In the next phase of 5G deployment, Odisha will get the services.

Earlier in a statement, the Union minister made it clear that telecom service providers would use mid- and high-band spectrum to deploy 5G technology-based services capable of delivering speed and capabilities that would be enhanced. about 10 times greater than what is possible with current 4G services.

We learn that the 5G spectrum auction will be completed by the end of July. After the auction, the Center will consult with telecommunications service providers and try to offer 5G services as soon as possible.

Speaking on rail connectivity in Konark, Minister of Railways Vaishnaw said a survey will soon be conducted to connect Konark to railway lines. Also, the survey will be carried out to determine whether the railway line to Konark will be connected via Puri or any other location.

Meanwhile, the minister urged political parties not to politicize the Agnipath recruitment program. He asked everyone not to be swayed by these policies and not to believe rumours. Speaking to the media, he assured that the Agnipath program has been long overdue since the 1990s and that many countries are already implementing such programs.


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