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Wendy Rogers at the McKechnie Family LIFE House on UI Campus. (Robin Scholz/The News-Gazette).

Today’s host of our guided virtual tour of favorite places and spaces on and around campus: WENDY ROGERSShahid and Ann Carlson Khan Professor of Applied Health Sciences, Director of the McKechnie Family LIFE Home, and a member of the User Interface faculty since 2017, following an 18-year career at Georgia Tech.

The first place on campus I would take a newcomer I wanted to impress

The conspiracies of tomorrow. I remember learning about the idea of ​​split plot design in stats class and it’s fun to see that plots are still active on campus. This is always part of my walking tour of the campus, which of course also includes the Quad, the undergraduate library, and Lincoln Hall.

Where I went during my job interview at CU

I had the pleasure of giving two job interviews during my interview in February 2016. Surprisingly, the weather was great.

The first was a research talk held in the auditorium of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications to attract an interdisciplinary audience. I was interviewing for a position supported by a University Growth Investment Proposal to promote collaborations between the College of Applied Health Sciences and Grainger College of Engineering.

My second lecture was at Huff Hall and was my vision for a program I called CHART: Collaborations in Health, Aging, Research and Technology, which is now established on campus.

On my second interview visit in May, then-AHS Dean Tanya Gallagher and her husband, Ken Watkin, took me and my husband, Dan Fisk, to Silvercreek for dinner. . I had pretty much decided I wanted to move here by then and celebrated with their amazing lobster mac and cheese.

To date, that’s all I’ve ordered when I go there and have recommended it to many people. In fact, I have leftovers in my fridge right now from my visit there earlier this week.

Illini Initiate

Where I love teaching the most

I enjoyed teaching a new course last semester on human-robot interaction in community health in room 1002 in the Khan Annex. We were all wearing masks but the acoustics allowed us to hear each other and the office layout was conducive to our interactive discussions.

The classroom is equipped with excellent technology and when the students were absent for health reasons, we could join them by Zoom. Likewise, I invited guest speakers to chat with us via Zoom and it worked out really well.

Plus, it’s right downstairs from my office on the third floor of the Khan Annex, which made it very convenient.

Wendy Rogers

Of her new home away from home – the McKechnie Family LIFE home – Wendy Rogers says, “I love spending time there and being inspired.” (Robin Scholz/The News-Gazette).

My favorite place to think

The McKechnie family’s VIE home. I’m so excited about this new on-campus facility that just opened last fall.

LIFE stands for Living in Interactive Future Environments and the mission is to provide the infrastructure to support interdisciplinary research, industry collaborations, community partnerships and educational opportunities to advance science, engineering and the translation of innovations to support independent living, health care needs, social needs interaction and daily activities at home.

The LIFE Home is a hub for students, faculty, research partners and community members – there is so much energy and enthusiasm for the shared vision of supporting quality of life at home. I like spending time there and being inspired by it.

My favorite place to grab a bite to eat

Timpone’s is a great place to take job applicants or other visitors as it can be combined with a nice walking tour of campus. Depending on my hunger, I will take either the warm goat cheese salad or a pasta dish.

My favorite non-building on campus

The Observatory has a special meaning for me and my husband, Dan, who holds a doctorate from Illinois. alum. Many years ago, before our wedding, we visited campus for a conference and got lost trying to find the observatory one summer evening. It was a fun bonding experience that we laughed about for many years.

Last year was our 25th wedding anniversary and we each decided to surprise the other with a Larry Kanfer impression from the observatory. We even chose the same without knowing it.

Larry kept our secret and subtly encouraged my husband to choose a different one, so we now have two wonderful photos of the observatory on our mantelpiece.

Wendy Rogers

wendy roger


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