Moto moto concept expands to allow two more riders


Moto moto concept expands to allow two more riders
all images courtesy of amir elias

for his final project at shenkar college of enigneering and design, all amir elias had to do was examine the way people move around the city of tel aviv. the ‘moto’ focused on the group of people, and the methods they use to travel. Of course, automobiles are a simple solution, but with the city, not everyone is ready to have one. the industrial designer therefore turned to mopeds and motorcycles to shape his concept. the minimalist approach feeds on the unique smooth and flowing lines of the city’s modern architecture. by choosing an electric motor, amir opted for a contemporary, economical and environmentally friendly mix, where the use of just one frees up a lot of space inside the motorcycle.

Circular LED headlight

the body panels give the concept a hollow appearance, while concealing all mechanical parts. the best part of the concept is the extension system, where a rear swingarm extends to allow up to two other riders to stand. the ride design would probably have a hard time balancing out, but amir thinks that literally “hooking up” cyclists is the best form of user-friendliness that no other mode of transport can offer.

amir-elias-illoto-moped-designboom-03the widened swing arm

amir-elias-illoto-moped-designboom-04lightweight design with white body panels

amir-elias-illoto-moped-designboom-05rear wheel keeps riders standing

amir-elias-illoto-moped-designboom-06ankle design keeps the bike simple

amir-elias-illoto-moped-designboom-07designers use yellow, black and white base colors

amir-elias-illoto-moped-designboom-09the small compartment houses the electrical components

amir-elias-illoto-moped-designboom-10the entire digital interface communicates vital signs to the cyclist

amir-elias-illoto-moped-designboom-11socket for electric cable

amir-elias-illoto-moped-designboom-12concept offers all the needs of a traditional motorcycle

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August 09, 2015


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