More than 1,400 New York workers fired for flouting Covid vaccine mandate


More than 1,400 city workers were fired in New York for not being vaccinated last Friday, according to multiple reports citing government sources.

Included are 914 teachers and other education department staff, 25 firefighters, 36 police officers, 101 local housing authority officers and 40 sanitation department officers.

Most municipal employees who receive layoff notices have been placed on unpaid leave for a few months.

Earlier it was reported that about 3,000 city workers could lose their jobs after the Feb. 11 deadline, meaning many of those government workers eventually showed proof of vaccinations.

Of the approximately 2,400 city workers affected by the Feb. 11 deadline who had not worked or been paid since last November, 40% have been vaccinated since Jan. 31, staff member Kate Smart said Monday. New York City Hall.

Last Friday, the United States Supreme Court rejected an appeal by a group of New York City school teachers, who sought to block New York’s Covid vaccine mandate.

In addition, the fate of approximately 10,000 New York City employees is in abeyance as their requests for medical and religious exemptions are pending.

New York City has approximately 3,70,000 city workers, the vast majority of whom have been vaccinated.


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