Monster Hunter Rise Update Adds Collaboration With Sonic the Hedgehog


The latest patch for Monster Hunter Rise has been released and it contains a number of bug fixes, new event quests, and the Sonic the Hedgehog link.

Monster Hunter Rise Sonic the Hedgehog Collaboration Logo

The latest update for Monster Hunter Rise released on November 25, 2021. It contains a number of bugfixes, adds new event quests, and sees the Monster Hunter Rise and Sonic the hedgehog the event is put online.

There are three main additions / changes listed that have been implemented with this update. New event quests will be available every week and new DLC can now be purchased from Nintendo eShop. Finally, a new gyro correction feature has been added to the gyro options that allows players to adjust how often the gyro position is recalibrated. But perhaps the most recognizable addition is the addition of Sonic the hedgehog content.


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The update will be installed automatically in most cases. But, to verify, gamers can go to their Switch’s system settings, select Data Management, then Manage Software, and finally select Monster Hunter Rise to see the version listed. This patch is version 3.6.1.

The Sonic the hedgehog the collaboration adds a Sonic costume for the Palico, a Tails costume for the Palamute, and Sonic-inspired clothing for the player character. The player character Sonic The set is layered armor that is available to all players through two special event quests. Palico and Palamute costumes are also available through these quests. As an added bonus, the Palico costume has special effects like spin dash and Super Sonic.

While this might seem like an odd collaboration, it’s not that unusual for Capcom to seek out unlikely crossover events with other gaming properties. Earlier this year saw a Ghosts and Goblins collaboration for Halloween. Monster hunter world saw several crosses. They understood Capcom’s own Resident Evil 2, Street Fighter 5, and The devil can cry in addition to CD Projekt Red’s Witcher, Guerrilla Games ” Horizon Zero Dawn, Square Enix Final Fantasy 14, Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed, and more. Going further led to the inclusion of the Monster hunter movie with two special quests. This all adds up to the wacky collaborations with groups and fast food chains in other entries in the series.

Monster fixes

  • Addressed an issue preventing monsters from retreating if the player joined a Rampage quest with specific timing, which prevented the quest from completing.

Player corrections

  • Fixed a bug causing display issues for the Bishaten armor set when equipped on body type 01.

  • Fixed a bug preventing the target camera’s reticle from changing when a monster changes stance due to a special status.

  • Fixed a bug that made Great Wirebugs appear to not move if you use one when collecting an item right after swiping.

  • Fixed a bug preventing some saved colors from being correctly reflected in the preview when using the character creator.

  • Fixed a bug where the forelock of the Izuchi Tail hairstyle would go through the Kulu-Ya-Ku helmet.

  • Fixed a bug preventing Critical Draw / Punish Draw effects from activating during specific moves with certain melee weapons.

  • Fixed a bug in the Great Sword Rage Slash reset time that was introduced after a bug fix in version 3.4.1.

  • Fixed the explanation of the Hammer Dash Breaker controls, as it was the same as the Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon.

  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the game to freeze if the sticky ammo from the rifle exploded just when the screen changed, such as during quest results.

Various corrections

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the photosensitivity warning from being displayed in the selected language.

  • Fixed a bug causing options to be reset to default if you cancel after performing specific actions on the Options screen.

  • Fixed a bug preventing the “!” disappear icon for the message at the very bottom of the chat window, if you are viewing the log while you have an unread chat message.

  • Fixed a bug preventing the “!” icon to disappear even if you accept all guild cards after performing a specific set of actions.

  • Fixed a bug where pressing the directional buttons would be recorded twice if they were pressed once at the exact moment the quest selection screen is displayed.

  • Fixed various text bugs.

  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes were made.

Some may consider these silly events and collaborations, and in cases like the Mega Man armor in Monster hunter World, they wouldn’t be wrong. But, above all else, they strive to be fun and are an excuse for additional content to find its way into a franchise that is loved by many. While they may not all be successes, it at least shows that Capcom is willing to try new things and loves to update. Monster hunter.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available for Nintendo Switch, with a PC release on January 12, 2022.

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