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Microsoft .NET 6 is scheduled for release on November 9

This week, throughout Construct 2021, Microsoft released .NET 6 Preview 4 and revealed that the ultimate .NET 6 model will be available on November 9.

“We are now halfway through the launch of .NET 6”, explains Richard Lander of Microsoft revealed. “Many options are almost final and more will come quickly now that the fundamental building blocks are in place for the landfill. Preview Four lays a solid foundation for delivering a closing .NET 6 build in November, with options and experiments completed. It is also prepared for real world testing when you have not tried .NET 6 in your environment. “

Microsoft .NET 6 will mark the completion of the major software program plan to unify the improvement of .NET after separating the open-source .NET Core from the proprietary .NET exclusive variations. This work began with the release of .NET 5 over the past 12 months, however .NET 6 marks the end result of this platform consolidation.

Microsoft is also planning a number of vital related releases around the same time, as well as .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI), the surrogate for Xamarin. Varieties in Windows, Mac, Android and iOS; Undertake the meeting, which makes the Applied Sciences of the Common Home Windows Platform (UWP) very widely available to home windows-focused office builders; and Blazor desktop network applications.

.NET 6 Preview 4 is now available for download on Windows, macOS and Linux. The “Go Reside” versions of .NET 6 are expected in August, and Microsoft will issue the ultimate .NET model issue on November 9. a virtual .NET Conf 2021 event.

You may be able to learn more about .NET 6 and the various developer applied sciences that Microsoft is building with it through the Construct 2021 session. The future of modern application development with .NET.

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