Malkangiri fights rain fury as he faces worst deluge in over 3 decades


Torrential rains continued to hit Motu area in Malkangiri district, breaking a 36-year-old rainfall record as floodwaters continued to inundate several villages. The Saberi and Sileru rivers are flowing above the danger mark, according to reports.

Hundreds of trucks were stranded as floodwaters poured 10ft down National Highway 326 (NH), disrupting vehicle traffic between Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Telangana. Three villages in the old Motu area are now flooded.

Similarly, about 6-7 villages in the Motu area were also submerged by the flood waters. People are moved to safer places with the help of boats by the administration. Several parts of the district are reeling from flooding after standing waters from the Godavari River in neighboring Andhra Pradesh inundated villages and farmland.

Locals attributed the flooding situation in the Motu area to the reverse flow of water from the Polavaram project.
Locals fear parts of Malkangiri will remain under water if the ongoing Polavaram construction project is completed. After the project is completed, the Sileru and Saberi rivers will swell as water from Godavari will not be released, the information added.

“Measures must be taken immediately to rehabilitate people in flood-affected areas before the situation becomes serious,” residents said.

Meanwhile, recounting their ordeal, a local resident said: “More than 30 to 40 cows were washed away by the floodwaters. The chickens take refuge in the trees. The situation is so grim that the water level is rising every two hours.
“Many of us don’t have food, medicine, rice or anything. There are so many sugar patients among truckers. We need immediate help,” lamented a truck driver.

“The stagnant waters of the Godavari River in neighboring Andhra Pradesh have inundated villages and farmland. More than 80 families were affected and 16 houses were submerged in water,” said Maheswar Nayak, another Malkangiri district magistrate.

Similarly, former engineer Ramesh Chandra Tripathy said, “The Polavaram project is ongoing. The doors are open because the project is not yet finished. Even though the floodgates are open, it has caused flooding here. Imagine what the situation will be once the project is finished and the doors are closed. Thus, the government should take immediate measures to rehabilitate the inhabitants of the Motu region. »


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