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Lorain voters have said no to number 9, a tax to spend more money on the city’s parks and recreation programs.

On November 2, residents of the town cast 3,129 votes against the tax and 3,035 votes in favor, according to the unofficial results of the Lorain County Electoral Council.

The $ 1.5 million levy over five years would have raised about $ 1.33 million per year for parks and recreation.

For the owner of a home worth $ 100,000, the royalty would have cost $ 52.50 per year.

“It’s up to the voters to decide,” said Pamela Carter, City Councilor for Ward 3, who served as chair of the Friends of Lorain Parks Royalty Committee. “If we win, we have something to work with.

“If it doesn’t work out, then we’ve got more of the same. We just work with what we have to work with.

Carter thanked the citizens who voted, other Council members, Mayor Jack Bradley and his administration for their work on the campaign.

Lorain’s public property manager, Lori Garcia, remains a great leader in this department, which oversees the parks, Carter said.

Garcia and his team will continue to do the best they can with what they have, Carter said.

The tax was designed to cost the average homeowner less than $ 5 per month for safe and healthy parks, Bradley said previously.

That’s what the Lorainites said they would support, in a survey this year conducted by consultant Zencity.

For new programs or equipment, 769 of 1,309 respondents said they would support a city park plan that costs $ 5 per month.


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