Livspace is like the Uber of home design


“… Livspace design partners, through the Holistic Home Design Automation Platform, gain access to new business leads, proprietary design and presentation tools, a business catalog electronics and project management support, which helps them design beautiful homes in just a few weeks. “

This home design startup has two co-founders who are angel investors, Anuj Srivastava and Ramakant Sharma. Anuj’s most recent release was ZipDial. Ramakant was vice president of engineering at Myntra. Anuj was previously head of global marketing for e-commerce at Google. The third co-founder is Shagufta Anurag and she has her own startup.

They have the man nicknamed the Godfather of Google AdSense, Gokul Rajaram as an advisor and over $ 27 million from VCs Helion, Bessemer and Jungle. If a startup has all the resources to be successful, it must be Livspace.

Anuj answers a few more questions.

What’s the Unique Selling Point (USP) here?

Livspace is India’s first and only end-to-end home design experience and curated marketplace for homeowners and designers. This essentially translates into treating “aspects or spaces” as a complete product as opposed to isolated furniture and decor elements.

We are the # 1 home design platform in India and the world for homeowners, designers and turnkey contractors.

Thousands of interior designers from our community can use the design platform to create interior design looks, design 2D / 3D rooms online.

Homeowners can experience their homes fully designed in 3D virtual / augmented reality with products from the Livspace catalog before making a purchase decision.

Why is it touted as Uber for designers?

Livspace launched the world’s first “home design automation platform” a few months ago.

In principle, Uber pairs its drivers, who are seen primarily as entrepreneurs, with passengers and the technology teams serving the passengers. Likewise, Livspace design partners, through the Holistic Home Design Automation Platform, have access to new leads, proprietary design and presentation tools, an e-commerce catalog, and to project management support, which helps them all design beautiful homes in just a few weeks.

When we talk about design sensitivity, what’s the special thing that I won’t get from anyone else?

At Livspace, design is more than just aesthetics. Our design approach is to capture the needs, lifestyle and culture of an owner and their family and translate them into a functional, productive yet beautiful living environment.

Looks can all be customized to fit an individual style. Whether you like a more ethnic approach to design or a Scandinavian design sensibility, your designer Livspace works with you to create a home that best reflects your personality.

Can a customer save on costs by using Livspace services compared to any other competitor?

Yes, when you design your home with Livspace, you save on costs for several reasons.

Transparent Pricing, No Cost Overruns: One of the biggest issues with traditional home design is cost overruns due to the lack of a standardized catalog and the fragmented nature of the industry. With Livspace, you get a formal BOQ (bill of quantities) before placing your final order and you’ll never be charged a dime more. An e-commerce catalog and a standard price list for all services such as mural painting etc. guarantee transparent pricing.

Free Design Consultation: In a traditional setup, when you hire an interior designer, you are obviously paying for their services, and their fees can vary widely. On the other hand, Livspace does not charge you anything for the services of its experienced interior designers. All you pay for is the furniture, decor, modular components, and services that are part of the final design you choose.


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