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A Langdon piano teacher recently caught the attention of a rock and roll legend by tickling the ivories of a famous rock song.

A few months ago, organized a contest with Alice Cooper to discover the best cover of one of her many songs. There were 4 different categories that fans could enter; electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals and a miscellaneous category.

David DeWolfe instantly recorded a cover of Poison by Alice Cooper and entered the contest. Even before the contest winner was announced, the rock and roll icon posted DeWolfe’s cover on his social media pages.

It was announced a few weeks later that Alice Cooper had personally chosen DeWolfe’s cover to win the competition in the miscellaneous category.

“Not only does he know who I am,” Dewolfe expressed enthusiastically. “He chose mine to win. He preferred my blanket. This is definitely probably the coolest part. “

DeWolfe explained that he was inspired by one of his 10-year-old students to learn more about the rock and roll genre on the piano.

“This kid hated being at the piano and I suggested that he make a list of 10 of his favorite songs, and that we would try to learn some of them this year,” DeWolfe explained. “I looked at this list and it was Pantera, Megadeth, Motley Crue and Metallica. Lots of 80s rock.

This helped his student to become more interested in the piano and also inspired DeWolfe to start making more covers.

“I think the first song the student learned was Aerosmith’s Dream On. It was awesome and it worked so well on the piano so I started teaching more rock and roll piano like Van Halen and Meatloaf.

Photo courtesy of David DeWolfe.

DeWolfe is helping shape the next generation of musicians around the world, a feat he doesn’t take lightly. He said winning this competition proves that hard work will get you places.

“I always push the boundaries and always think outside the box. Because. There are millions of people who are better than you and you have to be different if you are to be successful. “

You can read more about DeWolfe on his social media accounts below!

Instagram: @daviddewolfemusic

Tik Tok: @daviddewolfepianoman


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