Koraput villagers in Odisha allege selling ‘plastic rice’ in local market


Residents of Maliguda village in Koraput district claimed that “plastic rice” was being sold in the local market.

According to reports, some villagers claimed that the rice they bought at the market was different from normal cereals. Some grains floated in hot water during cooking. These took a long time to boil. They claimed it could be “plastic rice”.

“My children bought a packet of rice from the village market. But to our surprise, some of the grains turned out to be different from normal grains. They were very sticky and tasted different from normal grains,” said Judhistira Pujari, a villager. .

However, the Chairman of the Koraput Chambers of Commerce, S Ramesh, sought to allay the suspicions of the villagers.

“We source from Raipur, Andhra Pradesh, Nagpur and Gujarat. Local millers also supply rice to the market. But we don’t have any product like ‘plastic rice’ in our stock,” Ramesh said.

“After receiving the complaint, we found that it was not plastic rice, but rather “fortified rice” rich in protein and nutrients. The Indian government has instructed to mix fortified rice with normal rice and sell the product in the market,” he said.

On the other hand, district supply officer Pitabasa Panda said he was unaware of the incident.

“An investigation into the incident will be launched and rice samples will be sent to the lab for verification,” Panda said.


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