Judge Aditya Kumar Mohapatra is sworn in as the new High Court judge in Orissa



Judge Adity Kumar Mohapatra was sworn in as the new Orissa High Court judge in Cuttack on Friday.

The Chief Justice of the High Court of Orissa, Judge S Muralidhar, took the oath of office to Judge Mohapatra in the court’s conference room.

All the High Court judges, senior attorneys, all members of the High Court Bar Association, the DG of Police, police commissioners and other senior officials were present at the delivery ceremony. oath.

Earlier on November 3, the Indian president appointed Mohapatra as the new High Court judge in Orissa.

Last month, three new judges were appointed to the High Court.

Newly appointed judges Judge Mruganka Sekhar Sahoo, Judge Radha Krishna Pattanaik and Judge Sashikanta Mishra were sworn in on October 19.

With the new appointment of Mohapatra, the number of judges of the High Court of Orissa has reached 18.

Mohapatra completed her 10th grade from Ravenshaw Collegiate School in 1984 and graduated from Ravenshaw University, Cuttack. Subsequently, he obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree from Madhusudan Law College (university). He was registered as a lawyer with the National Bar Council in 1995. Since then he has practiced as a lawyer at the highest state court.

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