Infringement case filed against Kujang BDO, Paradipgada sarpanch


Kujang Police have registered forgery cases against Local Block Development Officer (BDO) Soumyashree Panigrahi and Sarpanch Paradipgada Sasmita Behera who were accused of falsifying documents while submitting candidacies for panchayat elections.

Acting by order of the court, the Kujanga police filed a complaint against the duo under articles 465, 466, 471, 171-G and 34 of the CIP.

According to sources, Sasmita had not signed the affidavit when submitting her nomination papers for the sarpanch election.

A person named Mihir Kumar Patra learned about the infringement through the Right to Information (RTI) Act. He was able to see his signature after asking Sarpanch for clarification via RTI. Mihir knocked on the door of the court to look into the matter following which the police registered a case against BDO and sarpanch.

On the other hand, Paradipgada sarpanch refuted such claims.

Gatikrishna Satpathy, attorney for the plaintiff, said, “The affidavit filed by Paradipgada sarpanch under Kujang block did not bear any signature. The affidavit was invalid because the deponent’s signature was missing. Disputing it, when my client requested affidavit papers for verification, Sasmita’s signature was present in the document. Sasmita made this possible thanks to the BDO. Without the assistance of BDO, it was not possible to make changes to the affidavit.

Paradipgada sarpanch Sasmita, calling the allegations against her unsubstantiated, said, “I had submitted three sets of sworn documents which mistakenly lacked a signature. If I had falsified the documents, I would have failed to file my declaration of candidacy and contest the election. As I won by a huge margin, the opponents are jealous of me.”


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