In twilight of life, 72-year-old Odisha bodybuilder’s national eye medal


Berhampur bodybuilder, Dandapani Sahu, 72, has made it clear that he ‘will not accept an answer until he achieves his goal of winning a medal at national level in the ‘Masters’ category. , for a penny, for a pound’.

From bench presses to squats and lattes, Dandapani never misses his exercise routine at the Hanuman club where he does strength training for at least two hours a day.

A resident of Berhampur, Dandapani wakes up before sunrise and heads to the club before doing anything else. His love of bodybuilding started at the age of 17 when he saw a man doing daredevils in a circus. He enrolled in a local gym and there has been no looking back for him since then.

His first competition was the “Ganjam Shree” in 1976 where he won first prize. From district level competitions, he graduated to state level competitions and won many awards beating several famous bodybuilders.

As for his daily diet, it includes, among other things, whole grains, milk, eggs and fish.

However, his journey to becoming a bodybuilder was not easy. It was more of a rollercoaster ride, full of ups and downs. Being a male member of the family, Dandapani had to look for sources to earn a living, which kept him away from his passion for several years after his marriage.

But, a passion is something that never leaves your soul. Dandapani joined bodybuilding in 2010 and has competed nationally in the Masters category. This year he is aiming to win the competition in the older age group.

Expressing the pleasure he derives from bodybuilding, Dandapani told OTV, “Except 10 to 12 years after my marriage, I have never left this Hanuman club. This gym is my place of worship where I dream of reaching my objective.”

Dandapani’s wife, Sarojini Sahu played an important role in her husband’s pursuit of happiness. “I take care of his diet and although he never needs motivation from others, I try to keep him in the zone and make sure he stays focused on his goal,” he said. she declared.

“Bodybuilding is like a drug to me. And I never want to part with my dumbbells as long as I’m breathing,” Dandapani said with a sigh.


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