IHC reserves its verdict in the Monal Restaurant case


ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has reserved judgment on a miscellaneous plea against the foreclosure of the Monal restaurant without granting a stay to pick up items from the building, Geo News reported on Monday.

An inter-court appeal was heard at the IHC against the decision to close the iconic restaurant, during which Judge Amir Farooq remarked that much will be revealed after the single bench issues its detailed decision, adding that “Once the items are picked, the restaurant will be sealed”.

Judge Farooq said the Capital Development Authority (CDA) did not know what to do with the restaurant and the restaurant’s lawyer feared the CDA might hand it over to someone else.

“It is certain that no commercial activity could take place on the land where the restaurant is built,” he added. The restaurant’s lawyer feared that a public order situation would be created when Monal was seized, to which Judge Farooq said that “no such situation would be created because the seizure will take place in the presence of a magistrate”.

During the hearing, the lawyer insisted on maintaining the current state of the building. In this regard, Judge Mian Gul Hasan Aurangzeb said that “you can get the opportunity to release the goods, however, an appropriate written order will be issued in this regard.”


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