Huge amount of rice diverted from Koraput schools in Odisha


Hundreds of kilos of rice worth hundreds of thousands of rupees have been diverted as part of the midday meal program at various schools in Jeypore ward of Koraput district, according to a report released on Tuesday.

An OTV reporter visited several schools to check the truth and found that agents appointed by collectors were delivering less amount of rice to schools than they should. To make matters worse, the school authorities also accepted rice bags with less quantity of rice, without weighing it.

Ideally, a jute bag of rice should weigh 50 kg. But the sacks of rice weigh only 47 to 48 kg by the time they arrive at the schools. This clearly shows that a huge amount of rice is wasted, without the administration intervening.

The principals of two schools also admitted that they had received less food grain compared to the standardized weight of the bags. When asked why they hadn’t weighed the grain before accepting it, they said they trusted the agents.

It’s been going on for months now, according to reports. This was reported by Parabeda Primary School in Jeypore City, Dimala Upper Primary School and Dangarchinchi Ashram School. There are many other schools facing the same problem, but it has not been reported yet.

Interestingly, there have been no complaints about this so far.

“We should have weighed the bags before receiving them. But, since we receive the bags of rice from the same agents, we trust them and have not weighed the bags of rice,” said Sibaram Panigrahy, Head of Dimala Upper Primary School.

Similarly, the director of Sanghamitra Bhokta said, “In the beginning, we used to weigh the bags of rice. There wasn’t much difference in the weights. Sometimes there is a difference of 1 to 2 kilos. We gave no complaints. If necessary, we will file a complaint. »

The program launched to increase enrollment in schools and prevent incidents of school dropout, in addition to improving the nutritional and health status of students, has also failed to achieve its stated goals, residents complained. angry.


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