Federal government concerned about post-election vandalism group targeting government employees and property


Federal officials are investigating a group of vandalism that appears to target government employees in the Pacific Northwest and the Portland area following the presidential election, according to a federal source familiar with the cases.

On Wednesday morning, a federal law enforcement officer’s unmarked take-out work vehicle was set on fire outside his Washington County home. The officer works at a federal building in downtown Portland, the source said.

The FBI, the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue are investigating the blaze. No arrests have been made, Sheriff Sgt. Robert L. Rookhuÿzen said Friday.

The suspected arson was first reported on Friday by Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Also under investigation in Portland, federal officials said:

– Someone climbed into the garage of the Portland home of a US Department of Homeland Security employee who works for the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. The intruder was smoking pot while on the garage roof and took off in an SUV that had the license plate covered and sported a banner or shirt that said something like “Feds get out” or “Feds go home,” said source.

– A burglary has been reported at a house in Portland adjacent to a property rented from Homeland Security. Officials are investigating whether the burglary was planned rented property.

– The widely reported vandalism at the home of Portland City Commissioner Dan Ryan is under federal investigation for possible allegations of politically motivated intimidation, the source said. A group of people threw paint on Ryan’s house and damaged a window on November 5 after they voted against an $ 18 million cut from the Portland Police Department.

They come as a prominent Seattle activist was arrested Sunday and charged with breaking into seven homes in Seattle’s affluent Leschi neighborhood and attempting to set them on fire. The woman, Lisbeth Delacruz-Monegro, 21, has been charged with two counts of arson and six counts of burglary, according to King County Jail records.

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