European California, Portugal, woos Americans seeking a better life


Lisbon, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – November 18, 2022): Nathan Hadlock moved to Portugal to escape the violence and lack of social protection he saw in the United States, while enjoying the sun and the sea whom he had loved in California.

“Lisbon ticked all the boxes,” the 40-year-old American entrepreneur told AFP.

It even has a suspension bridge that’s almost a lookalike of San Francisco’s Golden Gate.

“My partner and I were looking to slow down life and enjoy things more, so we put together a list of the top 10 places in the world and Lisbon quickly rose to the top.” The couple, who started a family when they moved to the Portuguese capital in 2020, were drawn to the weather, good food, cheaper lifestyle and ease of traveling to other parts of Europe. Europe.

They also wanted to escape the darker sides of American society.

“One of the main reasons that (American) investors seek to settle here is for the safety of their children. They often say, ‘I don’t want my child to go to school and get shot’ “, insisted Hadlock.

“And that’s a real thing in the United States that nobody here in Europe has to live with.” Jen Wittman, who uprooted from the Golden State to Lisbon during the pandemic with her husband and teenage son, said the United States was “really falling apart at the seams”.

“The George Floyd incident and the pandemic, the political division, the racism… Everything was becoming overwhelming in America.” Having a European social network also made a big difference.

“America is terrible with health care. And it’s terrible if you’re a retiree and you have a medical condition. Basically in America, you can go bankrupt because of an illness,” he said. 47 year old man.

At around 7,000, the number of American citizens living in Portugal remains tiny compared to the 42,000 British expatriates who had made the country their home.

But while the influx of Britons – Western Europe’s largest expatriate community – has started to dwindle, arrivals from the United States have doubled since 2018.

This year, Americans are jostling with the Chinese for the top spot among foreign investors lured by Portugal’s “golden visas” – residence permits issued to foreigners willing to buy property or transfer capital to the Iberian country.

But most come on a D7 visa, which requires them to have regular “passive income” from pensions, rent or investments.


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