Edward Little students raise over $1,000 for Ukrainian refugees


English teacher Anne McIntire hands out a blue and yellow ribbon to her students in support of Ukraine Friday at Edward Little High School in Auburn. McIntire’s freshman class raised $240 in a school-wide contest to help feed Ukrainian refugees. Daryn Slover/Sun Diary

Solana Coy underestimated her classmates.

Given the task of raising funds to help feed Ukrainian refugees, Coy was aiming low.

“Honestly, I thought maybe we were going to raise $100,” said high school freshman Edward Little.

Coy enlisted two close friends to help him. They raised over $1,000.

Coy, Serenity Mungin-Doyle and Tessa Hayashida planned, hung posters, raised awareness and created emails that were sent to classrooms by science teacher Peter Marris.


“It was completely student-run,” Marris said.

And by cupcakes.

Edward Little High School freshmen Tessa Hayashida, left, Solana Coy and Serenity Mungin-Doyle held a homeroom contest to raise money to help feed Ukrainian refugees. Daryn Slover/Sun Diary

Whichever senior class collected the most donations for the World Central Kitchen would receive a cupcake party on the last day of school before Spring Break.

“My mom is Ukrainian and she really wanted to help out,” said Terrence Gove, the school’s top fundraiser for the event.


“We have family and friends on both sides (in Ukraine and Russia) so we don’t talk about the war a lot because it stresses out my mum,” Gove said.

Some students pay attention to the conflict, said English teacher Anne McIntire. “Holding events like this makes kids more aware of what’s going on and why it’s important to stand with Ukraine,” McIntire said.

McIntire told her freshman class that she would match the donations they brought. “I wrote out a check for $120,” McIntire said.

McIntire’s freshman collected the most and landed a box of homemade cupcakes from Lewiston’s “My Sweet Indulgence” bakery.

“Even if you only help in a small way. It makes you feel good,” Hayashida said.


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