Czechs in post-vote limbo as President rushes to hospital


Prague, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – October 10, 2021): The Czech Republic was left in limbo on Sunday as President Milos Zeman was rushed to hospital a day after his ally, the Prime Minister Billionaire populist minister Andrej Babis narrowly lost an election.

The president, who plays a pivotal role in the appointment of any future prime minister, was taken to hospital by ambulance shortly after meeting Babis and appeared unconscious upon arrival with someone holding his head.

His doctor said he was in intensive care.

Babis hopes to retain power despite being defeated on Saturday by the center-right alliance Ensemble, which has declared itself ready to form a majority government with another group.

But after the first informal talks between Babis and Zeman at the latter’s residence outside Prague, the president, struggling with liver problems according to local media and politicians, found himself in intensive care.

“At the moment, the patient is hospitalized in an intensive care unit of the Military University Hospital in Prague,” the doctor and head of the Zeman hospital, Miroslav Zavoral, told reporters.

He added that Zeman had not allowed him to reveal his diagnosis.

The president had voted in his official residence due to health concerns, less than a month after spending eight nights in the military hospital.

Zeman’s office kept his illness a secret, giving no details for weeks.

– “Absolutely excited” – The Alliance of Right-Wing Civic Democrats, center-right TOP 09 and centrist Christian Democrats won 27.79% of the vote, while Babis’s ANO party won 27.12 %.

The alliance would have a 108-seat majority in the 200-seat parliament as well as another group comprising the anti-establishment Pirate Party and centrist mayors and independents.

Group leader Petr Fiala said on Saturday the two alliances would only talk about a government between them and ask Zeman to hire him to form the government.

“It looks like the two democratic coalitions will manage to get a parliamentary majority, which most likely means Babis will have to leave,” said Otto Eibl, analyst at Masaryk University in Brno.

A day after the vote in Prague, Zdenek Klima told AFP he was “absolutely excited” by the result.

“Thanks to the new government, we will finally be where we belong historically,” he beamed.


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