Curious puppy leads MNR agent to illegally hunted deer parties


BARRY COUNTY, MI – A curious puppy led a Michigan Department of Natural Resources conservation officer to an out-of-state hunter who allegedly illegally took two deer, according to a law enforcement report.

Conservation Officer Richard Cardenas was recently in Barry County when he saw an ORV with what appeared to be two hunters bringing a deer back to a house. He parked in the driveway of the house. As he waited to speak to the hunters, Cardenas said he saw a puppy enter a perch barn on the property and come out with a deer paw in its mouth, according to the report.

After speaking with the hunters, the officer learned that the person who killed the deer he saw on the ORV was from out of state and did not have a Michigan hunting license.

“The pup reappeared and led CO Cardenas to a garbage bag containing additional antler deer parts,” the report said. “After some further questioning, it was discovered that the suspect had also hunted and harvested a deer during archery season.”

The DNR is seeking several charges against the hunter through the Barry County District Attorney’s Office.


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