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Staff Photo by Clay Schuldt Six-year-old Ben Leslie is learning to use icing tools to decorate a flower-themed cupcake.

NEW ULM – This week, art students from the area were able to exercise their creative muscles at the Grand Center des arts et de la culture as part of the creativity day camps.

Creativity Day Camps provide a chance for Kindergarten to Grade 7 students to learn artistic styles with different activities including ceramics, woodcarving, painting, drawing, screen printing and even art. culinary.

On Wednesday morning, Kindergarten to Grade 3 students learned how to decorate cupcakes with different frosting tools. Instructor Rhonda Johnson showed students how to decorate a cupcake to look like a flower, a panda, and a monkey.

The students started with a simple floral design before moving on to the panda and monkey, which required different frosting tools and the application of Oreo cookie ears.

One of the tips for frosting a cupcake is to keep the frosting tool in the same position and rotate the cupcake as needed.

Johnson explained to the students that getting the right frosting color can be a challenge. Mixing the right food colors together to achieve the desired color can be a challenge.

“They were very happy to hear that they would decorate cupcakes today”, Johnson said. Most of the students had never worked with the icing before. It was an unusual experience, but the students handled it well.

“The idea is to provide students with unique experiences”, Johnson said.

In The Grand Cellar, grades four to seven learned to do glass prints from Ed Fornberg. The pupils started by drawing a stencil to go over the glass. Then, using a razor, they were able to etch the image onto the glass before coating it with a special glass etching compound.

Glass engraving is a long-term project. Many older students struggled with the stenciling phase, but it left them with an appreciation for the work.

Again, this was a type of art that few students had tried.

“This is art” said Fornberg. “It’s exploring. You might not like everything you try, but it’s not all about the destination, it’s the journey.

The creativity day camps will continue until Thursday. Another session will take place from August 2 to 5.

An international language camp will also be held on July 12-15. Activities include games, songs, crafts, culture classes and instruction in different languages ​​including French, Spanish, German and Chinese.

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