Community Education Corner: Programs Delivered at Pre-pandemic Levels



Our after-school clubs, young driver education and youth sports are all back with pre-pandemic enrollment numbers. In fact, we have waiting lists for almost all of our activities, which has caused some disappointment for our students. We ask families to remain patient as community education programs in the area strive to scale up programs to meet the needs of our students.

At Esko, we plan clubs and classes months in advance, and we constantly guess how many opportunities there are for the community to meet the needs of our families and instructors. We will not always succeed. We appreciate your kindness and understanding regarding the waiting lists and the maximum number allowed for clubs and courses.

We are proud to offer after-school clubs provided by the Northern Outdoors Club (NOC) owned and operated by Esko resident Cassie Janke. Check out Facebook to examine the many opportunities offered by the NOC outside of the extracurricular clubs in Esko. In November, we’re offering Campfire Cooking, Compass Navigation, Time Travel, and Basket Weaving, all offered through the Northern Outdoors Club, with prices ranging from $ 12 to $ 17 per session. Esko families can register online.

Youth basketball registration is also open for online registration until Sunday, November 7. Photo day is November 20.

Our school-aged child care program is holding a fundraiser in November to raise money for a new Lego table and Legos for the program. We have a do-it-yourself stuffed animal kit called Adopt-a Pet. Kids can choose from a sloth, kangaroo, bear, dog and more. Registrations are open online.

Finally, in an effort to bring kindness to our community, we are offering a “Mommy and Me” art class to paint rocks with messages of inspiration and kindness to add to Community Education’s “KINDNESS ROCKS” garden. on the side of our building. The course is Tuesday, November 9. For $ 10, you and your child can make two stones; one to put in our garden and one to keep or share. Let’s spread cuteness like confetti!

As always, call our office at 879-4038 with any questions and follow us on social media to stay up to date on our programs.

“Community Education Corner,” published weekly in the Pine Journal, features news from community education programs in County Carlton. Michele Carlson is the Director of Community Education for Esko Schools.



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