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MARTINSBURG – At the plenary meeting of the Martinsburg city council committee, council members discussed funding through applications received for several city organizations as an economic stimulus grant.

This was a discussion, and no votes were taken, but rather, a consensus was reached to move forward with the treatment of these funds to organizations. According to Shane Farthing, Director of Economic / Community Development, nothing will be approved until the December meeting.

Also at the December meeting, there will be a draft grant agreement with each entity, outlining the expectations, deliverables and accountability procedures for the funds. Finally, the agreements themselves will need to be approved by the board before actual funds are allocated.

“Through many conversations and interactions with the staff, myself and City Attorney Kin Sayre, the first two levels were recommended to fund these organizations and what their needs were. Keep in mind that this is one-time funding. There will be no more annual allowances after that, ”said Martinsburg Mayor Kevin Knowles. “There will be standards put in place. Each organization will have a contract or agreement that will be drawn up.

There was consensus to go ahead with the Martinsburg Initiative request. The amount of his claim is $ 12,000, according to Farthing.

In addition, there was consensus to move forward with two items for the improvement of the Martinsburg rotunda. Both are intended for the improvement of the bridge and the machine shop. According to Farthing, they were submitted and reviewed separately, as one is in part a federal grant. These were $ 125,000 and $ 74,289.

There was also a consensus to move forward with $ 322,357 for the historic Apollo Theater for items related to exterior repairs and the acquisition of the adjacent rear space, as their plan for renovating the structure called for. historical.

The council moved forward with a consensus for the Berkeley Arts Council for $ 30,000. Additionally, he went ahead with a consensus for the Martinsburg Little League for a request for $ 250,000 for field updates.

“(The monies for the Martinsburg Little League) would increase the possibility of more tournaments being played here locally, not only to increase tourism but also the business that we would see in the downtown area,” Knowles said.

Martinsburg-Berkeley County Parks and Recreation had six items that were put forward, for a total of $ 213,503 – a one-time expense to help the organization. However, Farthing said there were five other items that were submitted on time but were mistakenly omitted from the summary discussion sheet. These will be discussed at the December meeting.

Sayre explained that these funds are local city funds that were released when previously paid COVID expenses were reimbursed by federal funds from ARPA.

“We couldn’t fund all the requests at this point. This was the first round of applications to be considered. The ones we chose were based on the vision that the mayor, council and staff have for the city’s vision of building a presence with the arts and valuing the projects that have been carried out for citizens and for those who visit. our city, ”Knowles said.


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