Chit Fund victims hit the streets of Balasore in Odisha


Several investors, duped by various bond fund companies, have taken to the streets of Balasore to demand prompt investigations into cases of cheating and scams and proper action against the real culprits who fled with the savings of the poor .

Acting under the banner of Balasore Jamakari Milita Mancha (BJMM), the victims led the protest in front of Balasore Tehsil’s office. They shouted slogans and held up placards and banners against the inactivity of the district administration.

According to the protesters, more than 50,000,000 victims have yet to recover their money which they lost to various fund companies.

“The state government had previously promised us to identify the victims and return their money. However, the government seems to have forgotten its promise,” said BJMM official Jayant Das.

“We were forced to take to the streets because of the nonchalant attitude of the state government. Fewer victims joined the protest today due to Covid-19 guidelines. However, we are continuing our protest at various locations through the online mode. We will step up our protests if our demands are not met at the earliest,” Das said.

“I had invested my hard-earned money in three companies, but they turned out to be bond fund companies. I was not identified by the government as a victim of a chit fund. I urge the government to take the necessary steps to refund our money as soon as possible,” another protester said.

(Editing by Rashmi Ranjan Mohanty)


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