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DUBAIWATER, April 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Led by a team of seasoned educators as a Board of Trustees, with decades of experience, Britts Imperial University College boasts a visionary leadership team from around the world. Britts Imperial University College is accredited by various prestigious examination bodies in the UK and welcomes students from over 31 countries.

Britts Imperial University College, UAE is an academic center and educational partner of globally recognized leading British and European universities and offers enthusiastic learners from all over the world undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs delivered by these universities.

Britts Imperial University College ensures students are Ready to use with the new era skills the industry wants with craft majors in business and management, engineering management, AI and data science, IT information, events and sports, hospitality and healthcare management, etc.

Britts Imperial University College is a truly global platform to support students’ global dreams and ambitions, with a multinational student and faculty diaspora, globally recognized degrees from prestigious leading universities and global mobility options.

Top ranked university degrees accredited in the world, transfer from parent university campus to UK, Europe and UNITED STATES with post-study stay and work opportunities, the ability to work while studying in the UAE, a hybrid teaching methodology coupled with scholarships and a flexible payment structure, are the distinguishing factors of Britts Imperial University College.

M Vinit RughaniPrincipal – Britts Imperial University College, said, “The Britts Imperial College embodies the transformation of society by empowering individuals through the magic of New Age higher education. We envision a community of Britts Imperial alumni who will lead the new industrial revolution and channel their ambition to shaping a better world. Our vision is to be the premier institution of higher education and research that transforms global learners into global leaders.”

With the best academic facilities in the country, Britts Imperial University College is a great place to find your favorite academic interests and explore new ones.

Partner universities:

  1. Euclea Business School, France
  2. International University in Applied Sciences (IU), Germany + London South Bank University, United Kingdom (double degree)
  3. Catholic University San Antonio of Murcia (UCAM), Spain

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+971 (06) 7675511 / +971 522161590
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