Biden tries to heal Democratic split over spending plans


Washington, September 22 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – September 23, 2021): US President Joe Biden met the warring wings of his Democratic Party on Wednesday in a bid to salvage his troubled economic plans.

The White House said Biden is holding three meetings with two dozen members of Congress as he dives to try to settle an internal party feud threatening to derail its ambitious social spending and infrastructure program.

A meeting brought together the two most powerful Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The two are close allies of Biden but are struggling to get behind the economic plans.

Biden was next scheduled to meet with a group of moderate Democrats, including Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, who were shy about the huge prize.

Notably, the president was then to meet separately with members of Congress to the left of the party, such as Senator Bernie Sanders. There was apparently no plan to bring the two parties together around the same table.

“This is an important moment. We are at a turning point in our negotiations and discussions,” press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters. “He sees his role as uniting and bringing people together.” Biden and left-wing lawmakers support the swift passage of a $ 3.

A $ 5,000 billion package covering climate change, child care and education. The broad proposals would fundamentally improve the lives of ordinary Americans left behind in an increasingly unequal economy, Biden says.

However, Manchin is among those who deem the price too high, arguing instead for something well under half of the total.

Republicans are not in the mood to contribute to the social spending plan, although they could vote for a separate, smaller bill to fund transportation and other traditional infrastructure.

With Democrats having only a slim majority in Congress, disunity threatens to bring down the entire agenda, sucking the energy of Biden’s presidency.

Biden is “encouraged” by the accelerating pace of the talks and is ready to compromise, Psaki said.

He was “always open to negotiations and discussions and knew he was not going to be able to wave a magic wand.” Pelosi, speaking after meeting with the president, said the bill was “on schedule”. “We are calm and everyone is fine and our job is almost done,” she told reporters.

However, time is also running out as Congress simultaneously contests over a vote to increase the government’s borrowing limit, a stalemate that could trigger a US debt default and cause a bad shock in the markets.


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