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Lucerne University of Applied Sciences

Opening of a new virtual reality center in Rotcruz

At the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the virtual now merges with reality. Schools, SMEs and students should benefit from the new offers.

With a new augmented and virtual reality center, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences wants to bring new technologies closer to schools and businesses. To this end, it is opening the Center for Immersive Realities (IRC) within the IT department of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences in Rotkreuz, a statement said.

Both technologies will be used in more and more industries. However, many SMEs and schools are not sure what added value it will bring and whether the investments will be worth it. “Together with the Center, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts offers a low profile to businesses and educational institutions in the region.” One of the goals is that companies can implement projects with the university. “Such projects include, among others, virtual training environments where employees of SMEs learn new procedures for working on complex devices in a secure environment,” the university wrote.

IRC introduces itself.

Video: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences

The potential is also high in the education sector. For example, the work of human organs or complex processes such as electrical circuits can be transmitted more vividly and vividly than traditional learning materials, it is said. “Both technologies offer users a new form of interaction. For example, if the objects can be seen from all sides through virtual reality glasses and are within easy reach, then it is not only a different experience, but also a pleasant experience.

A preview of the new presentation of the Immersive Reality Center:

Showroom and interaction space: A wide range of augmented reality and virtual reality infrastructures as well as tools are available for visitors to familiarize themselves with the technologies.

Projects and advice: Small and medium-sized enterprises can implement their projects with the staff of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne and use the infrastructure of the Immersive Reality Center.

Training and Development : The center offers general, semi-public and internal training in AR and VR. There is also close collaboration with vocational schools in the central Switzerland region. The first training project has already been launched with the Zug Industrial Commercial Training Center (GIBZ).

Networks: The immersive reality center is a meeting and networking place for people interested in augmented reality and virtual reality

Augmented and virtual reality is also gaining more weight at the University of Applied Sciences in Lucerne: in the autumn semester 2021, he will start specializing in augmented and virtual reality in the IT department. The practical part of the training takes place in specially equipped rooms at IRC. (dlw / ma)

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